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Frequently Asked Questions

Logisti connects you to warehouse capacity when, where , and how you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Logisti provide services for the transport to and from the warehouse location?

Although transportation services are provided on the Logisti platform, this specific service is provided by third-party. However, you can always choose your own provider or even nominate one and we can work with your nominated provider.


Are you bound by anything as a provider of space?

You are not bound by anything as a provider of space until the client establishes their intent to store their goods with you. This intent is established through the booking of an order. We will confirm this booking with you before we inform the client. Once the booking is confirmed, your obligations come into effect.


Can we withdraw our offer of the warehouse space on the Logisti platform at any time?

You are free to remove your warehouse listing, change the available space; even change some services provided at any time by logging into your account. However, all running contracts remain in effect through the Logisti platform.


How does my warehouse stay anonymous?

Logisti adheres to confidentiality which is why all information stay anonymous. The location, photos and other information are indicated for reference purposes only. No hints and any recognizable marks will be given out including the warehouse’s name. This will only become clear to the client when they move their materials into the warehouse.


Which laws and legal systems are in effect for contracts?

Once a client booked a storage space within your warehouse, all contracts will be governed by the terms and conditions of Logisti this includes UAE Commercial Code and its provisions. Further details and disputes will be revised.


How are disputes or claims treated?

The legal frameworks apply to all contracting parties. In case Logisti receives a claim or dispute in writing, Logisti will make a way to provide solutions for both contracting parties. However, Logisti is not liable for loss, damage, delay, or expenses of any nature, which is directly or indirectly related to the agreed storage contract unless it turns out that this is the result of Logisti’s negligence.


How does the platform work?

Logisti has built a network of warehouses from registered and vetted vendors who are eager to provide their spaces for flexible storage to clients. Various fulfillment services are also provided with supplemental third-party services. You can search our platform to look at warehouses and their features, request quotations, book orders, and even execute a storage booking agreement.


Who do you pay for the warehouse storage?

You will pay directly to Logisti. We manage everything for you. We send you an invoice weekly for all storage and fulfilment services booked or purchased by you. Our office runs from Saturday to Thursday. Any invoice will be raised on a Monday of the following week. We are the sole contact for you and our terms remain consistent!


Are the prices mentioned for each warehouse storage actual prices?

The prices on the platform for storage, inbound, and outbound rates are just estimated prices. Actual prices will be confirmed in an offer letter and might even be lower for some cases.


Is the indicate pallet storage, sqm or cbm storage real-time availability?

No, the space mentioned is the location available for new orders. We keep periodically checking to confirm the free space available to meet all your requirements fairly and quickly.


Are the goods stored safe in the warehouse I booked the space in?

We regularly screen our warehouse partners for safety, security, reliability, proper storage, and facility maintenance standards. The quality of our service and vendor storage space are very important to us.


Do you have access to your stored goods in the warehouse?

Physical access is not allowed to ensure safety and to avoid liability issues. You can always request for an audit of your stock(s) and space utilized.