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Rental Warehouse

Just a few click away from booking your warehouse space.

Logisti connects you to warehouse capacity when, where , and how you need it.

Cold Storage Warehouse for Rent

Renting a storage space for your business shouldn’t be hard, Logisti is a one-stop platform brining you a slection of rental warehouse from our partners. Logisti is a pioneering 3rd party on-demand warehousing provider, partnered with logistics and commercial space owners with effective warehouse management operations. Our vision is to serve businesses with measures that can help them save more by renting spaces within warehouses that can meet their budget. Clients can also showcase their property under ‘list my warehouse’ section and we will check the location.

Select the Right Location

A affordable rental warehouse or space is important for every business. However, getting the best location is not always easy. Using Logisti’s cloud platform, we bridge the gaps making it easy for business owners to search for the best location for their warehouse storage needs. We work round the closck to assist your requirements and find you the rental storage space within your budget.

Understand your
Requirements for A Rental Storage Space

Logisti is partnered with over 90 + warehouse companies ranging from commercial warehouse space to rental storage all over UAE. Each partner validated by Logisti and is well-equipped with the latest technological gadgets like conveyor belts, forklifts, and machinery for shifting, loading, and unloading of goods.

HSE Standards

With Logisti, our warehouse profile summary enables you to scan the warehouse with ease. We provide details about the condition of the warehouses security, fire alarm and other necessities for keeping your cargo safe. Get connected with our team to know the movement of your cargo with monthly inventory report as per your request.

Choosing The Right Warehouse Type

When renting a warehouse keep in mind that there are multiple types to store with. Ambient warehouse for cargo with ambient temperature requirement. Dry warehouse for storage of FMCG items and many types of general cargo. Chemical storage warehouses for dangerous goods (DG). And Fozen and Cold warehouses storage facilties for items that require certain temperature when handling.