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Other Services

Just a few click away from booking your warehouse space.

Warehousing Services

Logisti’s giving you’re the option to book affordable rental storage and commercial warehouses under your own terms and budget. Our dedicated team of logistics professional aslo offers other logistics services that your business may need.

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Shipping Import and Export Services

Logisti ensures that all your requirements are met from C2C to B2B providing. Our one – stop platform offers shipping services via air, land and sea arranging for transport and warehousing after the unloading of goods, and getting customs clearance as well as paying taxes before the release of goods.

Ecommerce Services

Keeping up with the global trend of pop – up businesses. Our aim is to help micro industries set – up their own fulfilment center catering all their requirments from storage, API integration, packing and lastmile delivery services.

Third Party Logistics Services (3PL)

With Logisti you canefficently outsourced logistics services, which encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities. In business, 3PL has a broad meaning that applies to any service contract that involves storing or shipping items.